What is Alberta Food?

What is Alberta food?

No-frills carnivorous, nutrient-rich locavore, boldly creatively and genuinely generous dishes can take diners of all culinary persuasions on an unmistakably Albertan food journey no matter where in the province they wander.

Alberta food is nutrient-rich and delicious, catering to diners of all culinary persuasions, regardless of where in the province they may roam.

See Alberta food in the canary-yellow canola fields, icy-blue rivers, rural ranches and sophisticated urban eateries.

Smell Alberta food in homemade bread or warm pie at the farmers’ markets.

Taste Alberta food in a cold pint on a flowery patio, or from a funky food truck window.

From the fertile ground up, Albertans take culinary tradition to heart – and to new heights. It’s down-home professionalism you can literally taste.
Alberta is renowned for its AAA beef. Together, ranchers and chefs deliver some of the world’s finest cuts . Alberta’s pork producers are equally as committed to high-quality meat. From range-fed bison to sugar beets; antique-breed chicken to local lamb; kinnikinnick berries to choke cherries – the variety and quality of Alberta edibles are as delightful as they are delicious.

Alberta’s bounty and techniques in rearing livestock, dairy farming and growing produce and grains are respected by the food sector worldwide. Alberta beef and pork are highlighted on menus in the world’s finest restaurants. Its granaries provide ingredients for a gamut of global, award-winning digestibles from bread to beer. Alberta’s experts in animal husbandry and tending crops drive agricultural tourism to the province. The world’s heavyweight agricultural professionals visit Alberta to learn and appreciate how Alberta-style dedication to food quality can pay off. Emerging nations come to learn best practices.

Agriculture is big business in Alberta – Canada’s second largest agricultural province – and has sparked a movement of smaller producers of specialty goods that Alberta chefs covet.

This is a boon for travellers.

The benefits for Alberta visitors can be readily harvested in top restaurants and off-the-beaten path mom-and-pops to special festivals and spontaneous detours to farms and markets.  Chefs, cooks, bakers, creators of all types pay homage to Alberta’s fertile land, clean air and clear Rocky Mountain waters.

Alberta culinary creatives embrace the agrarian, bring global experience and inspiration home and nurture what is made here to make visitors welcome. More than a list of ingredients, menu items and measured recipes, Alberta food is defined by these characters and their creativity, commitment to excellence and most of all collaboration — in growing, cooking and eating — among people from here and afar.