About Us

About Us

In 2012, the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance (ACTA) was created to bring together its agricultural, culinary, tourism and hospitality professionals in a forum for positive, sustainable growth. By working together – across sectors and geographic boundaries to build alliances and communication channels – Alberta’s culinary appeal for travellers can be enlightened, enlivened and enriched.

ACTA wants Alberta’s culinary bounty known, savoured and grown through travel experiences. Helping create and nurture ways for culinary tourism to thrive, our not-for-profit advocacy group in action:

• raises awareness of Alberta food-and-travel experiences
• helps develop culinary tourism offers by linking initiatives with resources
• strengthens connections between government, tourism professionals and culinary stakeholders
• encourages consistent, quality culinary tourism experiences
• identifies tangible ways to better Alberta through sustainable culinary tourism.

The People We Serve
Our not-for-profit professional association works to unify Alberta’s broad and diverse culinary tourism community to enhance visitor experiences – at every corner, with every bite.

The Role We Play
The specific focus of our work-at-hand changes at times depending upon:

• Alberta’s culinary, agricultural and tourism climate
• stakeholder needs, interests and opportunities
• consumer appetite for Alberta culinary and tourism offers

We always – on behalf of all of the niches we serve – aim to educate, connect and communicate with people interested in culinary tourism. Here’s how:

Provide information and resources that can help those in Alberta’s culinary tourism professions enhance their businesses, skills and experiences offered to visitors.

Bring together people and organizations from across Alberta’s culinary tourism professions to foster relationships, partnerships and new culinary tourism experiences.

Share great culinary and travel stories to inform people, motivate them to experience new things, celebrate Alberta’s bounty and, in turn, share what they have done and learned with others.

The Benefits We Deliver
Alberta’s irresistibly good food – sourced from venerable growers and ranchers, then fashioned by accomplished chefs and culinary artisans – rewards travellers of all kinds. With every scoop of hand-churned ice cream, every picnic basket bottomed, and every new friendship made at a table, the Alberta travel experience becomes more meaningful, memorable and storied. The benefits ACTA delivers align with the goals of its stakeholders – seeking culinary tourism successes through programming, partnerships and promotions.

Our Mission
The Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance (ACTA) supports and nurtures enhancement of culinary tourism in Alberta so the province’s culinary assets are known, savoured and grown through visitor experiences.

Our Vision
ACTA works to achieve a vision where Alberta is regarded internationally as a premier visitor destination for its quality culinary tourism experiences that appeal to locals and visitors.

View our strategic plan here.