Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance Background

In 2012, Alberta farmers and producers joined restaurant and tourism professionals and government to create the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance (ACTA). Hearts and sights set on drawing visitors to experience the region’s rich and authentic culinary offers. There are culinary experiences only available in Alberta that define the province and charter a fresh course for gastro-travellers.

Agri-tourism adventures to bison farms, harvesting how-to’s, ranch handing 101, exploring historic and cultural neighbourhoods, learning about the history of farming, irrigation and the importance of agriculture. Less esoteric, culinary travel to Alberta can be as simple as a superb meal out, a great drink and snack, a detour off the beaten path to uncover a hidden-gem diner or farm-gate edible treat.

As a non-profit organization made up of a board of directors and a handful of employed staff – all culinary and tourism experts in their own right, it is dedicated to searching out culinary experiences, creating partnerships and sharing Alberta’s culinary tourism distinction with the world.

Virtually any tourism experience is enhanced by food and drink, and Alberta has plenty to pick and pour. Alberta’s metropolitan city centres have never been more eclectic, and are now home to scores of imaginative new restaurants, driven young chefs, farmers markets, artisan shops, and craft distillers, wineries and breweries.

From Edmonton’s claim as the cultural capital to Calgary’s rise as the country’s newest culinary contender to all the passionate farmers and chefs in between, Alberta is truly an food destination worth discovering.

Founding Board Members

Donald House
Fraser Abbott
Lori Schmaltz
Kevin Kisilevich
Valerie Lugonja
Cindy Amos
Lisa Lima