May 27, 2014

Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance Hosts First Annual General Meeting July 15 in Calgary

Call for Board of Directors nominees now underway.

Culinary and tourism professionals and stakeholders from across the province prepare to table Alberta’s most enticing, rewarding and memorable experiences, to strengthen visitor appeal, and to compete with the world’s leading destinations known and marketed through food and drink.

Registration for the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance Annual General Meeting is open until 4pm MST July 9.

Calgary, Alberta (June 27, 2013) For Immediate Release: The Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance (ACTA) announces its inaugural Annual General Meeting will be held Monday, July 15 in Calgary where details about its 3-year strategic plan will be shared and discussed with farmers, ranchers, chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, innkeepers, shop-keeps, event planners and others with a stake in positive tourism development through culinary offerings throughout Alberta.

Questions, feedback and insight from all individuals and businesses keen to enrich, further and promote Alberta’s culinary tourism appeal to regional, national and international visitors are invited to participate.

“Sights are set on the future of culinary tourism in Alberta, ” says ACTA Board of Directors Chair Donald House. “Our province proudly delivers wonderful culinary experiences to the millions of visitors who come every year to our urban, rural, agricultural, resort, and remote settings. This week, the world is witnessing Alberta’s unflagging spirit and strong character in action in the face of adversity. We are proud to represent the people and organizations who make up our culinary and tourism communities while they re-build our sector as soon as possible.

“Our 3-year culinary tourism strategy will benefit this creative, generous and responsive community of professionals by providing a road map to build capacity, increase quality of experiences, and provide opportunities for increased economic benefit for Albertans.”

ACTA’s role is to foster, further and share tourism opportunities through food and drink, equipping the people who create incredible culinary and travel moments to collaborate in meaningful, lucrative ways. Our forward-looking meeting is a platform to further Alberta’s culinary tourism momentum.

Call for Board Member Nominations
Alberta culinary tourism stakeholders who want to volunteer for a position on the ACTA 2013-2014 Board of Directors or committees are asked to submit interest by 4:00 pm on July 2 through the website. Chosen Board Members will help chart ACTA’s future, developing and promoting Alberta as a ‘must-visit’ destination through its culinary attractions.

AGM Details
Advance registration for the AGM is requested online and is scheduled as follows:

2:00 – 4:30 pm
Hotel Arts
119 – 12th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta

ACTA members and stakeholders will hear details about ACTA’s fiscal and operational status as well as its three-year strategy for the province. A panel discussion from culinary and tourism community leaders will be a further highlight of the agenda. Approved 2013 Board of Directors nominations will be announced. A reception follows in the evening at Heritage Park Heritage Village for interested parties.

Advance registration for the AGM is required by 4:00 pm on July 9 and can be completed online at where applications for general ACTA membership are also accepted. Annual General Meeting voting privileges are granted to ACTA General Members. Electronic updates about activities, programs, and partnership collaboration opportunities are also provided to members.

About the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance

The Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance wants Alberta’s culinary bounty known, savoured, and grown through travel experiences. Helping create and nurture ways for culinary tourism to thrive, this not-for-profit advocacy group in action:

  • raises awareness of Alberta food-and-travel experiences;
  • helps develop culinary tourism offers by linking initiatives with resources;
  • strengthens connections between government, tourism professionals and culinary stakeholders;
  • encourages consistent, quality culinary tourism experiences;
  • identifies ways to better Alberta’s sustainable culinary tourism.

For more information, visit, Facebook/albertaculinary and Tw@albertaculinary

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