February 12, 2014

Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance and Go East of Edmonton form partnership to create Eat East of Edmonton Culinary Trail Pilot Project

February 12, 2014

Plans for a new tourism development initiative, the Eat East of Edmonton Culinary Trail Pilot Project, have been announced through a partnership between the Go East of Edmonton Regional Tourism Organization and the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance (ACTA).

The Eat East of Edmonton Culinary Trail Pilot Project will bring together Alberta’s east central diverse culinary and agricultural tourism experiences into a collaborative experiential tourism product, which will be promoted to regional tourists as a great way to experience the bounty of the region.

Kevin D. Kisilevich, Board Member, ACTA states: ‘As someone who has experienced firsthand the many outstanding local food and culinary tourism assets of East Central Alberta, I am pleased to represent ACTA to announce the partnership to develop Alberta’s first rural culinary trail with Go East RTO.’

Part 1 of the initiative begins with a participation form being sent out to all culinary and agricultural tourism operators followed with a series of open stakeholder consultations held in March & April. These sessions will inform stakeholders of the project process, and will in turn collect data from stakeholders including the cataloguing of unique stories behind their experiences.

Further stages of the Eat East of Edmonton Culinary Trail Pilot Project will be conducted through early 2014 with the completed Eat East of Edmonton Culinary Trail Pilot Project website and marketing being launched prior to summer 2014 in time for the peak of the tourism season.

Gord Snyder, Managing Director of the GO East RTO states ‘this is a great partnership and opportunity for the product in our region to be collected and connected in a manner than will allow for culinary traits to be further developed throughout Alberta based on this pilot and model.’

A newsletter and further announcements will be made shortly  – ACTA and Go East RTO are pleased to have hired Hazel Anaka to lead the research aspect of this project.

For further information contact Hazel Anaka at (780) 365-2434, fax (780) 365 -2407 or email hazel.goeast@gmail.com.

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