Cam Dobranski

The Brasserie & Wine Bar Kensington; Container Bar


After a humble start as a short order cook at his uncle’s café, Chef Dobranski went on to finish culinary school before the real lessons would begin. It was Dobranski’s first job at Hardware Grill in Edmonton where he learned the ropes and grew a thick skin. After learning what it meant to ‘get your ass handed to you’, he wanted more and moved to Switzerland to learn the art of European cuisine. Upon his return to Canada, he settled in Calgary where he opened The Brasserie and Winebar Kensington and later Container Bar. Dobranski has created his own modern freestyle approach. From butchering whole animals to grinding it out on the kitchen line, he prides himself on creating rustic, classical dishes with an underground and indulgent edge.

Website: The Brasserie Kensington   Medium Rare Chef
Medium Rare Chef

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