Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farms

(Products Available Year-round at)
Sunnyside Natural Market
338 10 St NW #10
Calgary, AB T2N 1V8


Blue Mountain is currently operated by Kris and his wife, Tamara. The farm’s 110 cultivated acres produce cereal and legume crops, forage, vegetables and culinary herbs, in addition to raising poultry and hogs. 35 acres are maintained as native grassland/pasture. Products are sold directly to consumers through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) project, but also available at Sunnyside Natural Market, SPUD, Amaranth on 4th, Peasant Cheese, Farm Box and on the menu at various restaurants such as Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, The River Café, The Coup & The Café Radio. The physical work involved in striving to produce food without being completely reliant on fossil fuel energy inputs is provided by Kris and Tamara, SOIL apprentices and community volunteers. Blue Mountain also seeks to act as an educational opportunity for those who wish to engage in its undertakings.

Products: Demeter Certified vegetables & herbs, pasture raised pork & eggs.

  • Available at: Sunnyside Natural Market, Farm Box in Canmore, Seasonal CSA and on the menu at Boxwood & River Cafe,


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