Applejack Ranch

Box 46
Bashaw, AB T0B 0H0


Located in the rolling grassland of central Alberta, Applejack Ranch is Western Canada’s premier supplier of Canadian Dexter cattle. Our herd consists of over 50 registered animals, including three bulls, and we also sell semen from live and historical stock to national and international markets.

Eminent Dexter breeders, Carol Davidson and Donna Rudd, have helped us to achieve the best of both beef and dairy traits, and our herd represents the best Canadian Dexter gene pool in the country. Our animals are naturally organic, meaning we do not use drugs or hormones, and they live in open conditions.

We love our little cows! Every day we are among them, working with them and ensuring their health and wellbeing. And we also work hard to ensure that we breed and sell only the best animals to small landholders looking for a family cow, the young 4-Her looking for beef cow to raise and show, or other cattle producers who may be looking for specific dairy or beef traits that only the Dexter can provide.

Products: Natural grass-fed Dexter beef raised without hormones, lamb, pork and poultry

  • Available at: the farm gate