Andrew Winfield

SAIT School of Hospitality & Tourism


Andrew has been shaping Canadian Seasonal Cuisine for over 10 years. A prairie native, Andrew’s culinary style is rooted in the land. He maintains close ties with our local producers, visiting countless farms and markets in search of the best ingredients the region has to offer. His reputation has earned him a role as a culinary ambassador with the Alberta Ate Chef Collaborative, and Andrew recently received the 2012 Guelph Good Food Innovation Award for his dedicated use of sustainable Canadian ingredients.

His artisanal approach is evident throughout the changing seasonal menus at River Café. House cured charcuterie is a passion, and foraged ingredients like morel mushrooms, bullberries, birch syrup and spruce shoots are celebrated when they make their brief appearance on the culinary calendar.

Andrew’s most valued accomplishment is his role as mentor and educator to the many apprentices and cooks that have worked with him through his tenure at River Café. An avid believer in collaboration, he leads an accomplished team of creative and innovative cooks who together, transform humble ingredients into award winning seasonal Canadian cuisine.

Chef Andrew recently transitioned into an instructor role at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, where he will be helping prepare the next generation of culinary talent.

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