Alison MacNeil


Chef Alison MacNeil developed a passion and interest for cooking early on which has continually developed to this day. Alison’s early culinary experiences cultivated a strong sense of family and quality as these occasions of gathering to enjoy food and family instilled a sense of community and sharing. Since that time, Chef Alison continued working in professional kitchens, building her culinary skills and developing a passion for cooking that would lead her to open her first restaurant, Black Pig Bistro, in 2014.  After selling Black Pig Bistro in 2015, Chef MacNeil moved on to work with Antonio Park in Montreal, and is now working on some exciting new projects.

Alison was born and raised in Calgary where she spent her formative years training with several accomplished local chefs working in some of the city’s finest kitchens. Alison’s first kitchen position was at the Wildwood where she apprenticed under Joseph Wiewer and Roghelio Herrera. From here, Alison spent 2 years at Teatro restaurant under the guidance of Executive Chef Dominique Moussu before joining Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts (CRMR) where she would spend the next 6 years developing a variety of the organizations food service and hospitality businesses.

It was with CRMR that she gained experience and honed her skills both in and out of the kitchen. With CRMR, Alison created and developed a very successful catering and specialty retail program which produced a wealth of valuable business and management expertise.

With rich experiences and a keen eye for quality, Alison returned to the Teatro Group where she worked with Executive Chef John MacNeil to open Cucina Market Bistro. Through the application of her experience and leadership, Chef Alison was successful in helping Cucina earn the distinction of Best New Restaurant in Calgary for 2014.

Chef MacNeil has embarked on several worldwide culinary travels through Italy, France, and most recently, Spain.  Through these travels, she learned an intensity and range of flavors and styles previously unknown to her.  Alison’s experiences during this period continue to influence her perception of what great food is:  bold, dynamic flavors balanced with clean, bright, simple tastes.

Twitter: @ChefAlisonBiebs