January 13, 2016

Taber Pheasant Festival

The month of October was exceptionally busy for the Alberta culinary scene.  From the Famous 5 Foundation Gala and the first-ever Women Chefs & Restaurateurs Education Sessions, to the Dig In Horticulinary Festival and the international gathering of Cook It Raw Alberta, a lot of media and industry attention was focused on our province.

Fresh off the excitement of Cook It Raw Alberta, Calgary chefs Darren MacLean (Shokunin) and Cam Dobranski (Brasserie Kensington) took a break from the city to head out to the Taber Pheasant Festival.  The winner of Travel Alberta’s 2015 Alto Award for Outstanding Sustainable Tourism, the Taber Pheasant Festival saw over 800 hunters from across 5 provinces and 3 states come together in the rural community to celebrate the often overlooked pheasant.  Chefs Darren & Cam took part in the hunt, and then showed the participants some fantastic recipes they can whip up using the small game.

For an inside look at the festival, check out this blog post written by Chef Cam Dobranski on his own website: http://culture.mediumrarechef.com/blog/licensed-kill-0

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