Foraging Sites in Alberta

When looking for a foraging site, it is imperative that you have permission from the landowner or it is a conservation site where foraging is permitted. If you are unsure if foraging is permitted, be sure to contact the landowner or the governing body.

Always be sure to let someone know where you will be foraging and when you expect to return in case of emergency. Be sure to bring along emergency supplies in case you run into issues. This may include bear spray, flashlights, a First Aid kit, as well as food and water.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Always be certain that you have permission to forage on the land before picking, and be sure to secure any permits if necessary.  Steer clear of any provincial or national parks, as well as most local parks, as foraging is prohibited and can result in heavy fines or other punitive measures.

Conservation sites are parcels of land conserved by non-profit, non-governmental agencies like Alberta Conservation Association, Ducks Unlimited Canada, and Alberta Fish & Game Association. These organizations conserve land to promote recreational activities including foraging, hunting, and fishing. There are over 700 conservation sites across Alberta and access to these sites is free with foot access only. Practice safety on conservation sites; there may be livestock, hunters, or wildlife on the sites.

To find a conservation site, visit the Alberta Discover Guide website or download the free app on iOS or Android.

Some areas of crown lands in Alberta do permit foraging. It is important to check whether a permit is needed for the site that you intend to visit. Other recreational activities such as ATVing, camping, etc. may also be permitted on those lands, so be sure to be mindful of those around when foraging.

To check for permitted activities, visit the Government of Alberta Environment & Parks website.


The only time it is permitted to forage on private lands is with the explicit permission of the landowner. It is recommended that you bring along a copy of written approval (or have the landowner join you) in case any complaints are made.