Wild Plants & Edibles

Below is a small taste of the incredible native plants that can be found in different regions across Alberta. From wild bergamot to fireweed, many of these species can be spotted in a variety of landscapes that you will discover along your exploration journeys.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Always be certain that you have permission to forage on the land before picking, and be sure to secure any permits if necessary.  Steer clear of any provincial or national parks, as well as most local parks, as foraging is prohibited and can result in heavy fines or other punitive measures.


Bunchberry Chokecherry Cow Parsnip Dandelion Fireweed Goldenrod

Highbush Cranberry Lamb’s Quarter Lowbush Cranberry Pennycress Pineapple Weed Plantain

Red Clover Rosehip Stinging Nettle Wild Bergamot Wild Onion Yarrow


This foraging guide is meant to be used as a reference guide to showcase a small selection of edible plants found in Alberta, as well as some of the local area foragers and foraging sites. The Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance as well as its affiliated partners (including the Government of Alberta) assumes no liability for accidents happening to, injuries sustained by, or fines arising from, readers who engage in the activities described in this guide.

Readers should always consult an expert before using any foraged item. Reference materials gathered for this guide are believed to be reliable in their efforts to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the information presented. However, the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance and its affiliated partners are not responsible for errors or omissions or for any consequences from the application of the information in this guide.

In cases of exposure or ingestion, contact a Poison Control Centre, a medical toxicologist, or another appropriate healthcare professional.