November 29, 2018

Alberta Foraging Network

Explore the flavours of our land through the Alberta Foraging Network

There is growing interest from the food tourism industry to utilize authentic outdoor activities like fishing, foraging and hunting to connect with and showcase a destination’s culinary landscape. Progressive global regions have incorporated foraging as part of their national tourism strategy, and Alberta is in an ideal position to add and expand foraging experiences as part of the outdoor food tourism positioning.

ACTA has created a foraging network to explore, expand and develop the tourism offerings available in Alberta.  The creation of the foraging network allows for knowledge sharing and best practices, along with access to skill-building and training initiatives, which paves the way for tourism development opportunities. It also connects foragers with chefs and restaurants to create a series of new product offerings showcasing foraging and dining adventures, as well as a platform to market their services to consumers.

Learn how to forage in a safe and sustainable manner, where foraging is permitted in Alberta (and where you can’t!), some of the local area plants that you might come across in your explorations, and the passionate foragers who can take you on unforgettable experiences in breathtaking landscapes.

Check out the Alberta Foraging Network.

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