June 13, 2016

Alberta Day of Pulses

On June 7, 2016, ACTA and Alberta Pulse Growers brought together a team of Edmonton and Calgary chefs to explore the wonderful world of pulses.

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Chefs took part in a crop walk at an Alberta pulse farm where they learned about the agricultural side of pulse growing, followed by lunch at the ECO Café in Pigeon Lake.

In the afternoon, the chefs presented dishes they created using pulses to a team of food scientists at the Leduc Food Processing Development Centre where they looked at the potential for bringing pulse products into the retail world. The day ended with a tour of the facility, where they explored the equipment and processes behind developing retail products.

Participating chefs included:

  • Lindsay Porter (Edmonton)
  • Doreen Prei (Edmonton)
  • Brad Smoliak (Edmonton)
  • Christine Sandford (Edmonton)
  • Sean Cutler (Calgary)
  • Melanie Hennessey (Calgary)
  • Andrea Harling (Calgary)
  • Kerry Bennett (Calgary)
  • Maria Besuijen (Calgary)


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